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Qingdao Shengyuan Detai Fiber Technology Co., LTD

Qingdao Shengyuan Detai Fiber Technology Co., LTD


  Qingdao Shengyuan Detai Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015,The registered capital is 20 million,It is located in the center of Financial Street, Qingdao Free Trade Zone, Shandong Province,Obvious location advantage,Relying on unique geographical and resource advantages,Since its inception, the company has been based on the whole country,Radiation of the world's large import and export trade enterprises as the target,Adhering to the development concept of pioneering innovation and steady progress,Take the healthy and sustainable development of the company as its own responsibility,The company is mainly engaged in the technical development, technical consulting and technical services of cotton textiles and fibers;International trade, transit trade, trade between enterprises in the zone and processing and finishing under trade, self-management and agent import and export of various commodities and technologies。The company's employees have rich experience in foreign trade, with the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries have close trade contacts, in the country has a number of stable customer resources including group companies。In line with the people-oriented belief, the company actively absorbs and introduces high-quality talents with technology and trade, in order to meet the increasingly high requirements of customers and enjoy the shadow of trade economy together。

  Our company sincerely seek cooperation opportunities with domestic and foreign customers, in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit and common development with the world's suppliers and buyers to establish long-term stable contact, willing to cooperate with people with lofty ideals and seek common development。





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